Client Feedback

Rarely have I encountered the range of consciousness, fluidity, and intuitive knowing demonstrated by Teresa during my ReGenesis session with her. Her masterful work moved me into a deeper state of beingness and serenity.
Nicole Christine Author
I am energized! I feel good about myself and my pain is not as bad. Your help was wonderful and I am so blessed to have you help me. Thank you!
Linda Massage Therapist
I think my experience with ReGenesis™ was definitely an important part of my soul awakening evolution! I am so glad to have had this very important opportunity to help me move on and through to a new level!
Bev Tourism
I need to call you. No one will believe my story if I tell them. My close friends who knew what a mess it was and now know what a breakthrough we had all want your number.
Elizabeth Attorney
Thank you so much for this, it has been literally Life saving. I've felt on the brink of wanting to end it all. I know I can get through this and sometimes it feels impossible. Thank you again for helping me achieve some clarity.
Drissana LMT
The Universe has sent a number of "light" messengers my way through curious sequences of events & Teresa figures prominently among them. She has been important in opening my eyes to the big picture & in finding my way through the maze from my ego to my essence.
I've come to the conclusion that third dimensional existence here and now is a mind scramble. ReGenesis™ is a valuable tool for those of us who seek clarity in our lives.
Kelly Teacher/Coach
All my life I've been searching for me. Thanks to you & your work I'm discovering "me". I am a changed person since participating in your workshops. I feel peaceful & confident for the first time in my life.
Therese Teacher

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An Author, Teacher, Counselor & Founder of ReGenesis™ & its derivatives, Teresa describes herself as a spiritual pioneer a perpetual student & an enthusiastic encourager.

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